Types of Claims

Types of Insurance Claims

When most people think of an insurance claim, they immediately think of some sort of catastrophic event for which they need to file a claim. However, most policies of insurance provide coverage for many other types of losses which should be carefully considered. If you only file a claim in the event of a catastrophe, then why are you paying a premium to cover all the other types of losses?

Elite Insurance Claims Services – Provides Professional Insurance Claim Representation For The Following Types of Losses:

Water Damage –  is one of the most commonly filed insurance claims. Water damage includes broken pipes, A/C leaks, dishwasher leaks, shower pan leaks, etc. These types of claims are often present issues if they are not properly filed and presented to the Insurance Company.

Roof Leaks – Living in Florida, we have become accustomed to torrential downpours of rain almost year round. These heavy rains are often a welcome break to the scorching sun that shines most of the year as well. The combination of sun and rain severely damages the roofs of our buildings and makes them more susceptible to leaks. These leaks which come through the ceilings of our homes and business and cause all sorts of damage are normally covered by Insurance.

Wind / Hurricane Damage – Hurricane and Tropical Storm force winds are extremely destructive to our homes and businesses. It is extremely important and recommended for property owners throughout Florida to purchase Windstorm/Hurricane Insurance to protect their assets. Insurance companies notoriously underpay Hurricane Claims. For more details, please read the recently released OPPAPGA Report.

• Mold– releases microscopic spores impossible to see with the naked eye. These airborne spores can trigger many physical reactions depending on the type of spore and quantity inhaled. Even a relatively small amount of mold spores could adversely affect infants, children, immune-compromised patients, pregnant women, individuals with existing respiratory conditions and the elderly. Of these thousands of existing molds, some are known as allergens while others produce harmful mycotoxins which could cause serious ailments.

Flood Damage – Floods are often just as destructive as Hurricanes and most people simply do not buy flood coverage. This is a mistake. Flood coverage is relatively cheap and provides tremendous protection that is not provided by a typical homeowner’s policy. Flood claims need to be handled by a professional Public Adjuster as the Flood policy coverages are unique and unlike a typical homeowner or business policy.

Fire Damage – Fire The most important thing in a fire claim is to make sure that everyone is safe and sound. Fires are extremely dangerous and destructive. In addition to the actual damage from the fire’s flames, smoke damage is very dangerous and damaging. The resulting damage from a fire must be professionally evaluated by an experienced loss consultant and estimator to ensure that the homeowner is properly indemnified. Additionally, numerous law and ordinance issues often arise in these claims.

Theft & Vandalism – The true damages from theft and vandalism can be complicated. The problems and damages that occur during theft and vandalism are not always noticeable or visible upon first review or inspection. Our team of experts carefully assesses the damage to both property and contents to provide a thorough evaluation and report of the damages.

Loss of Business Income – If not handled quickly and professionally, Loss of Business Income claims are often devastation to the ongoing operation of a business. Business Income Insurance can prove to be the foundation for the survival of a business whose operations have been interrupted by a devastating loss. Having the coverage is not enough. Understanding this complex coverage is critical as misunderstanding it can only magnify the loss. It is best to let a professional loss consultant handle this portion of the claim in conjunction with an accountant.


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